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When annual maintenance of heating and/or cooling units are not performed, the result can find the homeowner waking up during a snowstorm or ice storm without heat or, through the long, dog-days of summer, without cooling.

If this should happen to you, please call R. G. White HVAC & Plumbing at [844-749-4483] or 215-538-7068, and we will arrive quickly to diagnose the problem and to fix it as quickly as possible to get your living environment returned to the correct temperature to compensate for the weather outside.

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Call 844-RGWhite [844-749-4483] or 215-538-0233 - Now to schedule your furnace & heater repair service!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
  • How much will I save by installing a new furnace? The average 20-30 year old furnace is 68-75% efficient depending on your usage. The new high efficiency units range from 80-96% efficiency, saving you 12-21% depending on use.
  • What is SEER? SEER is the seasonal energy efficient ratio refers to cooling the same way a BTU (British Thermal Unit) refers to heating. The higher the rating the more efficiently the unit will cool your home, saving your money.
  • What is H.S.P.F.? H.S.P.F. is Heating Seasonal Performance Factor- The higher the percentage, the more efficient the unit. Twenty year old heat pumps could be as low as 6 percent. Carrier's 25VNA units are as high as 12.5 percent. I installed this unit in my home, and it is a fantastic unit!!

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