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Annual Maintenance on all types of furnaces & heaters

One of the largest bills in the homeowner's budget is the cost to heat and cool the home annually. Since heating and/or cooling units incorporate moving parts to heat and/or cool the home, it is imperative to keep these moving parts maintained so that when you need them most, they will not quit working, leaving you cold in winter or hot in summer.

When dirt and soot insulate the heating element, it causes the unit to work harder to heat the dirt first before it can get to the actual heating element, making your unit less efficient and more costly to operate.

We, at R. G. White HVAC & Plumbing, pride ourselves on reminding our customers annually to service their heating and cooling units. For heating units, they should be serviced annually during the Fall and Winter months to ensure properly working systems during the long winter months. We offer the heating system maintenance service year round to our customers.

Call 844-RGWhite [844-749-4483] or 215-538-0233 - Now to schedule your heating unit's annual maintenance service!

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