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Buderus offers an excellent line of gas heaters. The models GB142 and GB162 with built-in Logomatic technology will use cooler water to heat your home when the weather is warmer. All Buderus boilers can be used for natural gas and LP (liquid propane) gas heating systems, and they are 93-percent efficient. A chimney is not necessary with these boilers, and the exhaust is vented through plastic piping (PVC) to the outside wall. A standard oil burner vents in galvanized pipe to the home chimney. The temperature of the exhaust can range anywhere from 300 to 600 degrees going up the chimney and out of your home. With the Buderus heater, which is venting in PVC pipe, exhaust temperature is around 98 degrees; thus making your system more efficient. A plus for these boiler is that they hang on the wall in your basement or a first-floor closet and free up storage space.

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