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Here at R. G. White HVAC & Plumbing, we service and replace all makes of electric, gas, indirect, on-demand and oil-fired water heaters. We have been installing Bradford White for many years and have had great success with durability and reliability! These heaters are backed by Bradford White's no-hassle warrantee policy.

If you have a large 80-gallon water heater in your home, the Federal government is no longer allowing manufacturers to produce 80-gallon water heater tanks. The largest water heater tank allowed is 50 gallons for your home. If your unit is older than 8 years old, we recommend buying an 80-gallon water heater tank now and storing it on your property for installation later when the need arises. R. G. White HVAC & Plumbing would be glad to return, when needed, to perform the 80-gallon water heater tank installation for you.

Please call R. G. White HVAC & Plumbing at 844-RGWhite [844-749-4483] or 215-538-0233 for a quote today!

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